Something To Celebrate!

It’s been a rough sort of a week. I finally came down with the bug that both Flossie and Ben had last week, Cheers kids! I spent a lot of my birthday feeling a bit sorry for myself, while Ben took it upon himself to open my presents and eat my chocolates (my family do know what I like…!).

But this morning, something happened that made me want to celebrate. The photo above maybe doesn’t look like much (and excuse the mess but this is a house that’s lived in πŸ˜‰ ). It’s not the first time that Flossie has got herself up to standing (although she can, she doesn’t very often). But I was shocked this morning to walk in on her like this as I don’t think she had anything to pull herself up on, and even more shocked that she didn’t just pull her keyboard down to her level.

So I’m not sure how she got there, but this morning it seems, was a fabulous day to bang out some tunes, while standing, before school. It brought a happy smile to her face and it sure as heck brought a smile to mine… So now I’m just going to leave that keyboard there and see if she’ll do a repeat performance after school…



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